Private Care Dorchester: Dorchester’s New Care Introduction Agency

Private Care Dorchester: Dorchester’s New Care Introduction Agency

Finding private or live-in care can be challenging, and you might not know where to start. Finding an agency to join as a self-employed carer can be equally hard.
If you’re facing either of these challenges, Private Care Dorchester has the solution for you!
Please keep reading to see how our care introduction services can help you.


What is an introductory care agency?


Care introduction agencies are an organisation that helps connect self-employed carers with people who need their services.
They can be used by people looking for private home care and those seeking live-in carers.
If you’re unfamiliar with the term “self-employed carer”, it simply refers to someone who works in the care sector but is not employed by a specific organisation.


What services does Private Care Dorchester offer?


At Private Care Dorchester, we offer two primary services:
– An online platform, a carer database can be accessed by people looking for private or live-in carers in the Dorchester area.
– A matching service that puts self-employed carers in touch with people who need their services.


The PCD motto


Here at PCD, we always put clients’ personal needs care first. We want to help those seeking care find the right care provider for their needs.
Personal choice is at the core of Private Care Dorchester’s mission. We allow individuals to take more control of their lives by directly linking caregivers and those in need of care.
Our Carers work closely towards the CQC guidelines of providing person-centred care – care that is tailored to and meets your own needs and preferences; treat clients with dignity and respect and always gain consent prior to proceeding with any task.


Why join our introductory agency?

Like other introductory agencies, we ensure all our carers are suitably qualified and experienced. However, we also go one step further by carefully vetting all of our carers to ensure they meet our high standards.


Key Benefits
We only work with the best self-employed carers in the Dorchester area, so you can be confident that you’ll receive a high level of care if you use our services. They work as closely as possible to the care quality commission (CQC) guidelines, are UK residents and have national insurance numbers.
We’ve made it possible to hire a carer in Dorchester with speed and flexibility. With us, you may interview, communicate with and employ caregivers that suit your needs in Dorchester.


We’re establishing a care network that allows us to live independently and as freely as possible, whether you’re a carer or seeking care.


What does a private carer do?

We provide families seeking care with independent carers. With PCD, you’ll be in charge of your own care management because you can find a private carer who can fulfil the exact services you need. These include, but are not limited to:

providing personal care such as washing, dressing and toileting
help with household chores such as cooking, cleaning and grocery shopping
providing company and conversation
administering medication
supporting you to go out and socialise

We also provide qualified carers for dementia care, palliative, respite, and live-in care.


What are live-in care services?

A live-in carer provides a more fully managed service as they have a more ongoing role with the care recipient. Live-in care services include all of the above plus:

providing full-time care

being on call 24/7

sleeping in the same property as the care recipient

providing transportation to appointments (where agreed and applicable)


A live-in carer can live with the person they’re caring for (known as a lodger) or in their accommodation nearby (known as a warden).


How much do domiciliary carers charge per hour UK?

There is no definitive answer to this question as carers’ hourly rates will vary depending on their qualifications, experience and the type of care they provide.  It is also up to the self employed Carer to agree a rate with their client.

As a general guide, however, you can expect to pay between £20 and £25 per hour for private home care in the UK.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is a care agency?

A care agency is a company that employs carers and supplies them to clients. They are different from care introduction agencies because they are responsible for the care provided. In contrast, an introduction agency makes the initial introductions and leaves it up to the client and carer to make arrangements, giving more freedom of choice to the client.


How much does home care cost per hour UK?

Home care costs can vary, especially if a care provider is self-employed. In these cases, they set their rates. But, generally speaking, you can expect to pay between £20 and £25 per hour for private home care in the UK.


How much is 24-hour care at home UK?

The cost of 24-hour care will depend on the number of carers required to provide the care and their qualifications and experience. You could pay anywhere from £900 and £1,050 per week for 24-hour home care in the UK.


Do care agencies have to be registered with CQC?

Yes, care agencies in England must be registered with the CQC (Care Quality Commission) if they provide home care to adults. In contrast, Introduction Agencies do not have to be registered with the CQC.


What should I expect from a care agency?

Unlike introduction agencies, care agencies are also responsible for the care provided. As such, you should expect them to have a robust recruitment process for their carers, as well as systems and procedures to ensure that the care being provided meets all relevant regulations. They may also offer payroll services for their carers.


Do carers get sick pay and holiday pay?

This will depend on the employer. Some care providers will offer their employees sick pay and holiday pay, while others may not. At PCD, our self-employed carers are more flexible in their requirements and options.


What is an introductory agency pursuant?

An introductory agency is a company that does not employ carers and introduces them to clients. They are different from caring agencies because they are only responsible for the initial introductions and not the care itself.


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