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If you want to become a self-employed dorchester carer, you may register as a carer on the Private Care Dorchester platform by going through our application process and completing your profile. The government has a guide to becoming a self-employed carer and registering as one. You can now apply for a Unique Tax Reference (UTR) number here. After you’ve received this number and been approved onto our platform, you may start looking for self-employed carer jobs.

It is necessary to have some prior experience as a PCD caregiver. However, if you wish to have live-in positions when being introduced as a PCD carer, you must have at least two years of expertise.

As self-employed carers, you set your own rates. Essentially you are a sole trader, your own boss, so you set how much you want to earn as a private carer.

PCD is an online network for self-employed carers. We’ve used technology to provide you with choice and control over who you care for and the hours you work.

We are a platform for self-employed carers, so we have far fewer expenses and can pass the savings on to you as PCD caregivers. Generally speaking, the rates charged by our self employed Carers are lower than that of a normal care agency and the amount our self employed Carers take home is higher than employed domiciliary Carers.  

Yes in order to utilize our platform, it’s a legal requirement that you must first become a self-employed caregiver and register as a sole trader, LLP, or a limited company.

Clients are not required to reimburse your travel costs, although you may choose to ask them if they would be willing to pay for your travel and discuss this topic directly with them. Self employed Carers on the platform generally include their travel costs into their hourly rate.

You can find work by becoming a self-employed personal assistant providing personal care through Private Care Dorchester. Make sure you add this skill and any relevant experience to your profile and apply for personal assistant jobs accordingly.

Clients on the PCD system are individuals in Dorchester who require any sort of care for themselves or others. Local authorities/NHS trusts/care homes can also be clients.

  • A recent profile picture
  • A short bio description of your personal qualities and care experience
  • A DBS/PVG/Access NI (dated within the last 3 years or on the Update Ser
  • Proof you have the right to work here in the UK
  • Two references, one of which must be proof of UK residency. We suggest
    that they be care-related so we can check that you have the right qualifi
  • We operate in and around Dorchester, Dorset, including villages of Cerne Abbas, Piddlehinton, Piddletrenthide, Charlton Down, Charminster, Muckleford, Buckland Newton, Duntish, Fordington, Poundbury, Bradford Peverell, Muckleford, Grimstone, Frampton, Maiden Newton, Winterborne Monkton, Wintervorne Herringston, Winterborne Came, Whitcombe, West Stafford, West Knighton, Broadmayne, Holworth, Owermoigne, White Lackington, Alton Prancas, Minterne Magna, Dewlish, Puddletown, Crossways and Weymouth.
To gain potential clients, your profile photo should:
  • Make you look approachable and friendly
  • Have good lighting and be in focus
  • Have a clean, clutter-free background
  • Be recent
As private carers, you should write a bio that highlights why potential clients should select you as a carer. It should contain details about your personal characteristics, core skills and care experience as a paid carer.
You select your clients, when you work, and where you work, and we advertise your profile. This choice gives you complete control over your professional life, lifestyle, and work-life balance while earning money as a paid carer. Not to mention that working in the care business is incredibly rewarding.
Before joining us, each carer will go through an online approval meeting with one of our courteous recruiting teams. They’ll verify your DBS, your right to work in the UK, and any qualifications mentioned on your profile.
You can create your PCD profile on the website for free – simply register online, and then wait to be approved via our meeting process.
To work as a PCD carer, you don’t need to have your own car or a driving license. However, if you want to go to jobs in rural regions, you may wish to use a vehicle.
Yes, one hour is the shortest shift duration. We feel that 15- or 30-minute visits do not give you enough time to properly care for a client, or form a proper relationship with them.
Yes! As a sole trader/limited company/LLP you are your own boss.
Once you begin working with a client, we start insuring you as a self-employed carer. This insurance is paid for by our fees. Your insurance cover covers you for each time you are on shift with a Client through the Private Care Dorchester platform.
For any information regarding risk assessment, risk assessment record, public liability insurance or business equipment insurance feel free to contact us via
Yes, you choose whether you want to apply for a job or whether you want to accept a clients care request. Even if you are unable to assist, please always respond to a client.
No, you may agree to work for as little or as long as a PCD client desires. The duration of service is negotiated between you and the client, and it is clearly stated in your agreement.
Our payments are processed via Stripe. To be paid on time, you must generate your shift invoices ahead of time and ask the client to approve them before the shift begins. Payments can take between 2-5 working days depending on the
client’s method of payment.
Once you are registered and approved by PCD, you become part of the team of Carers that would cover for you, if your client wants this. Please check with the team ahead of time. Only PCD Carers can form part of the team. If you are unwell and need to miss a shift, notify your client as soon as possible and notify them of the members of the Team who may be available to assist.
Yes, we offer free carer online training when you join Private Care Dorchester as a self-employed carer. This is applicable after 6 months of introductions through PCD.
Off-platform and cash payments are not permitted. If your client wishes to work with you directly and conduct transactions offsite, they will be subject to a recruitment fee of £2000+VAT. In addition, both you and the client will be removed from our platform.
The PCD website allows you to generate a contract carer to client agreement.
The form is already made, and all you have to do is fill it out and choose the client. It will be delivered immediately to the client, who will verify that they agree with the conditions
If this is the case, we recommend that you encourage the client to look for another carer through the Private Care Dorchester network. We strongly advise giving the client enough notice to find a replacement caregiver. Clients or care givers may terminate their contract carer to client agreement at any time, but we do request that they give us a 48
hour notice
If you don’t already have a DBS, self-employed carers can be directed to an association who will assist with this.
We recommend that carers who work with us have an Enhanced DBS, but you may also obtain a Basic DBS check using the government’s website here.
Your DBS should be valid for three years and must be on the Update Service. Within thirty days of issue of your Enhanced DBS, make sure you register it on the Update Service. It keeps your DBS up to date and costs less than applying for
a new one each time.
Around 80% of clients actually decide to search and message carers directly instead of posting on the jobs board, so even if you cannot see any jobs near you, there still may be clients looking at your profile.
Yes, you can use the Private Care Dorchester platform while continuing to work for the same employer. Just make sure you still register as self-employed.
Dependent on coronavirus restrictions, all caregivers should meet with their patients to talk about the client’s care package before agreeing to assist. If an inperson meeting is not possible, we recommend that you at the very least Skype, Zoom or WhatsApp call a client before accepting to help. Please notify the Private Care Dorchester team ahead of meeting the client.
When you create your contract carer to client agreement, the first invoice should be generated right away. You can make an invoice on our website. The form is already made and all you have to do now is fill in the blanks. After that, send this invoice to the client via our site. We recommend invoicing on a Friday each week to ensure you are insured.
No, you cannot take cash payments. After you’ve finished your contract carer to client agreement and invoice, the client will pay you through the Private Care Dorchester system.
You must write one of these agreements to define the care you and your client have agreed on as a self-employed caregiver for PCD. You should establish a contract client to carer agreement before starting a relationship with someone and must keep to your part of the bargain in the agreement.
If you or someone in your household has coronavirus symptoms, you must immediately self-isolate and get a test. You can do this by going on the government website and ordering a test.
If you are sick or self-isolating, you must inform your clients and, if necessary, find alternative care.
No. You have the choice of whether or not to get the coronavirus vaccination as a self-employed caregiver. Clients, on the other hand, may only choose to hire a carer that has been vaccinated if they prefer this.
We want every self-employed carer who uses our system to follow the most recent government legislation on Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and to wear it correctly. This is a requirement for most other healthcare professionals too.
When replying to a prospective client, be as clear and courteous as possible. You might want to inquire about the following things: What are your medical requirements? How many hours of care do you require? Where are you located?

for client

This can vary depending on the carer. Carers who use our platform operate as self-employed and set their own fees for home care Dorchester.  The cost of care is frequently based on the degree of assistance and support required. These prices may differ according to the carer’s area, experience, and qualifications.

PCD self-employed carers offer a range of private home care services and support which can make a huge difference. They offer a kind, professional and comprehensive service based on your own care requirements. If you have any complex health requirements, e.g., illness-related, dementia/Alzheimer’s related, just let the carer know so they can give you adequate support. PCD carers provide services like:
·offering a helping hand with daily activities


·Live-in care activities
·Support with eating, making food, dressing and bathing

·Prompting clients to take prescribed medical treatments or medicines.

·Accompanying clients on any social, domestic or recreational trips outside of their home

However, if you would like more information or guidance on some of the tasks a carer might normally carry out, please let us know via email; 

No, you can hire a PCD carer for as short or as long a period as you require. The length of service is decided between yourself and the carer and clearly stated on the contract carer to client agreement that you draw up together.

PCD is an online network for home care providers/carers and those in need of care. We’re different from a traditional domiciliary care agency because we provide you with choice and control over who your private carer is.

Our recruitment team has spoken with and thoroughly vetted each self-employed carer on the site; they’ve had their DBS verified, are allowed to work in the UK, and have certificates to back up any claims made on their profile.

During the pandemic, hiring a live-in caregiver is the most secure option since you minimize your carer’s risk of catching the virus. We believe even an hourly caregiver is still less risky than living in a care home.
If you’re thinking about hiring a private carer and want support or help, please do not hesitate to contact our helpful staff at

The four main types of home care are live-in positions, overnight, hourly care and respite care. These involve support
with everyday tasks, daily routines, household tasks, personal care assistant jobs and a range of other care jobs. On their Private Care Dorchester profile, you may learn what care type each caregiver is skilled in and if they provide any specialist support.
For details on a more full range of services, feel free to contact us via

You pay for your own homecare through our website’s secure payment system, Stripe.

You have two options with us; you can search for carers in your region and message, contact and agree on terms with them. Or you can let us know your care requirements and vetted carers that fit your needs will apply to your account for the role.

It is simple and quick to create an account on our Private Care Dorchester website. Simply go to our website, sign up and register.

Yes, one hour is the shortest shift duration. We feel that 15- or 30-minute visits do not give the carer enough time to properly care for a client or form a proper relationship with them.

Yes, you may select your own caregiver. You can also pick the best carer for your friends, family, and loved ones.

Once you’ve located the carer with the skillset you need, send them a message through our website, verify their availability, and talk about your requirements. To contact a caregiver, you must first be a client.
Yes, you have the option of searching for and messaging several caregivers yourself. Or you can tell us about your care needs and carers will apply for the position. You may then interview the carers and hire two carers or as many as required.
Dependent on coronavirus restrictions, all caregivers should meet with their patients to talk about the client’s care package before agreeing to assist. If an in-person meeting is not possible, we recommend that you Skype, Zoom or WhatsApp call a carer before accepting their contract to make sure they’re right for you.
If you see a particular carer that fits your criteria, send them a message asking about their availability and outlining your care needs.
Alternatively, you may describe your care requirements to us, and caregivers that match those needs will apply for the job.
You can cancel your contract with a PCD carer at any moment and are only required to pay for the care that has been given up until the end of the 48-hour notice period. You must give at least 48 hours’ notice.
If the problem is serious, for example, a criminal offence, you must immediately notify the police and PCD. If someone has a complaint about a care worker, we will tell the client’s other caregivers. We might also remove that person from the website and stop them from getting new clients.
The replacement carer will send you a contract carer client agreement and a shift invoice. Your main carer will need to modify their invoice so that you don’t pay twice. As usual, you approve the agreement and shift agreement, then pay through the platform.
All of the carers on our platform are encouraged to work with each other. The PCD team is made up of other trusted Carers and together perform high-quality work.
Your carer will inform you as to who they usually work with in the team when you start your care journey with PCD. You may view their profiles and contact them as needed or switch to another caregiver from our website.
We do not offer managed care, so the provision of care isn’t guaranteed.
If your care needs change, you should inform your caregiver about it. They will then have to write a new contract carer to client agreement with the revised requirements. If you decide that you need another caregiver, you can quickly and easily find a replacement carer on our website.
We operate throughout, in and around Dorchester.
We are currently recruiting carers from all across Dorchester on a regular basis — if you don’t discover any carers in your area, please let us know what type of care you require, and suitable caregivers will apply for the position.
Expenses like travel can be tracked by the carer in the contract carer to client agreement. One-time costs should be negotiated directly with your carer.
This is up to you and your caregiver, but some caregivers charge for trial shifts. However, we need a contract carer to client agreement and a shift invoice from your carer before we can activate our insurance coverage.
It is best to find the right person for you before hiring them, so we strongly recommend interviews.
Before you interview a potential carer, ask yourself what things you want to know about them. Then when you meet with them, make sure to ask all of these things and more before agreeing on a contract.
Before you hire a carer, you may also request 2 references from them. We suggest that you verify these before recruiting your preferred carer.
No. Only if you request it directly through messaging will they have access to your personal information.
We ensure that our carers meet all the requirements necessary by conducting thorough background checks and vetting. We check their records from the DBS. We also check their identification documents, and they must be allowed to work in the UK and have a UK address.
Carers should have two independent references (at least one of them a UK citizen) who can vouch for them. You may request these from your carer by contacting them.
Private Care Dorchester connects clients with self-employed carers, who then negotiate contracts with one another through the website, therefore the platform is not required to be registered with the Care Quality Commission, Care Inspectorate, or Regulation and Quality Improvement Authority (RQIA).
Nevertheless, PCD strives for and expects our carers to meet or exceed the requirements of the Care Quality Commission (CQC), the Care Inspectorate, and the RQIA standards of conduct. If we detect that any of our carers or customers have violated these regulations, we will address the situation immediately.
We take all reports of poor caregiving behaviour seriously. We will inform the other clients of a formal complaint against a carer, and we reserve the right to prohibit the worker from obtaining new clients or, in cases of severe misconduct, remove them from the platform immediately.
You pay for your own homecare through our website’s secure payment system, Stripe. Your chosen homecare provider will generate a contract carer to client agreement and shift invoice, which will be sent immediately to your Private Care Dorchester account for approval.
You will be taken to the payment portal after you have approved these. Your payment is kept secure until the shift is finished and then sent to the carer 2 days after they finish working, minus our handling fee.
Yes. Every self-employed Private Care Dorchester caregiver is fully covered by the insurance while working on the site. The insurance is activated by the signing of the contract carer to the client agreement and payment of the shift invoice supplied by your carer.