Live-in Care with Private Care in Dorchester

Why a Live In Carer?

Live-in carers are professional caregivers who provide one-to-one assistance and care to individuals.  Individuals who require support due to their age, illness or disability.  Carers are experienced in offering personalised care and companionship by residing alongside their clients.  Indeed giving you help on hand, making your experience as comfortable and smooth as possible.

A live-in carer’s responsibilities are tailored depending on their client’s individual needs and preferences. They offer daily services ranging from:

assisting with bathing, dressing;

meal preparation;  to

providing support with medication management;

doctor appointments;

 and offering transportation when necessary.

In addition to providing primary care, live-in carers offer emotional support and companionship which is essential for a healthy and fulfilling lifestyle. They partake in various hobbies with their clients, enabling them to enjoy activities that promote their overall well-being.

Live-in carers are trained to handle unexpected emergencies, and they can administer first aid and medical intervention when required. As a result, their clients can relax knowing that they have professional and reliable caregivers who can handle any issue that arises.

By having a live-in carer, individuals can maintain their independence.   They can Receive personalised care and the support they require to lead a comfortable life on their terms. Live-in carers aim to improve their clients’ quality of life, providing safety and comfort at home.

Self employed Live-in Carers on Private Care Dorchester’s introductory platform have been fully vetted.  This includes:

DBS Checks

Right to work in Uk checks

Reference Checks

Training Checks


Private Care Dorchester takes the legwork out of finding the right Carer for you.  You can rest assured that all Carers on our platform have been thoroughly vetted – not every Carer application makes it on to our introductory platform.

Private Care Dorchester/Live In Care Agency are happy to come to your home to ascertain your needs in a Carer.  

Live In Care Dorchester through Private Care Dorchester

Dont feel alone again with a live-in Carer.