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If you or someone you know needs a Carer, there are several steps you can take to find the right person.

1. Assess your needs: Determine what kind of care is needed, such as personal care, transportation, or companionship.


2. Research options: Look at several care providers and their qualifications, experience, and pricing.


3. Interview potential Carers: Ask them about their experience, qualifications, and availability.


4. Check references: Contact their references and ask about their experience and performance.


5. Create a care plan: Detail the needs and how they should be met, including scheduling, medication management, and emergency response.


6. Monitor the care: Regularly check in with the Carer and the person receiving care to ensure that everything is working well.


Remember, finding a carer is a critical decision, so take the time to choose the right provider for you.


When it comes to Private Care Dorchester, we take a lot of the stress of finding the right Carer, out for you:

We check the following:

  1.  That the Carer has the right to work in UK.
  2. We check that the Carer has an Enhanced DBS which is clear.
  3. We examine the Carer’s CV.
  4. We go through their Training Certificates and ensure that all Certificates are in date.
  5. We check 2 references.
  6. We ensure that Carers are registered as Self Employed with HMRC and if not registered, we support them to become registered.
  7. We interview each Carer.


When you are looking for a Private Carer, when you need a Carer Dorchester, Private Care Dorchester is your one-stop-shop.


With rates as low as £23 per hour for a top rated Carer and with all the vetting completed, it is clear that Private Care Dorchester is your go-to for your next Private Carer.


We have Private Carers and Live In Carers available on our website.


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Carer Dorchester Private Carer Dorchester Live in Care Dorchester