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Home care services are an essential component in the healthcare system, providing support and assistance to individuals who require care in their own homes.


In Dorchester, home care services with an introduced Private, Self Employed Carer, offer a range of services including:


medication management;


dementia and Alzheimers support;


light cleaning and

social checks.


Home care allows individuals to live independently in their own homes while receiving the care they need from trained self employed Carers. It is a popular choice for seniors who want to age-in-place or individuals recovering from an illness or injury. Private Care Dorchester introduce Private Carers who will personalise care plans, tailored to your needs.  There are hourly, overnight, or live-in care options.


For families who are struggling to care for an aging loved one or individuals managing a chronic condition, home care is a cost-effective and practical solution that can improve their quality of life.  Home care services also offer relief to family caregivers who may be experiencing burnout or other challenges.


Overall, home care is a valuable resource for individuals in Dorchester and Weymouth who require care but prefer to do so in the comfort of their own homes. It is an option that provides many benefits and one that is worth considering for those in need of assistance.


If you have reached the stage in your life where you feel you need a little help at home, perhaps its time to take a look at our website and register.  Or give us a call on 01305-602184 and we can help you to find the right Carer to provide your home care needs in Dorchester and Weymouth.


Private, Self Employed Carers registered on our introductory platform are able to provide care at times you need it the most.  Whether it is one hour, once a week, or one hour, four times a day.  Nothing is too small or too big.  Should you feel you need for the support of a live-in Carer, Private Care Dorchester have live-in Carers registered and ready to provide you with assistance.


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