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Home Care Dorchester

Home care services in Dorchester are a great way to ensure that individuals receive additional benefits to augment their daily living activities.


These critical services are a perfect fit for individuals who may be experiencing age-related limitations, have a debilitating disability, or may be recuperating from an illness or surgery. With home care, clients can remain in the comforting embrace of their own homes, surrounded by their loved ones, and yet still receive the necessary care, supervision, and support.


One of the pivotal benefits of opting for home care services is the wide range of services that clients can benefit from. In addition to personal care and medication management, self employed Carers also offer meal preparation, transportation services, and housekeeping. Moreover, there are ample opportunities for social activities and medical support services, including Alzheimer’s and dementia care. Self Employed Carers who deliver these services are specially trained professionals who ensure that clients receive the highest level of care possible.


Carers introduced through Private Care Dorchester work closely with clients and their families, including creating customised care plans that cater to their specific care needs and preferences. The services offer critical support and assistance to help improve clients’ quality of life while still enabling them to maintain their freedom and independence. By choosing Private, Self Employed Carers, individuals can enhance their overall wellbeing and live life to the fullest.


Is it time to take a step into the non-managed care world and choose your own Private Self Employed Carer who will bring their own skillset and training, enabling you to create a fully personalised care plan and live how you would like to live, in a non-regimental way?   Carers introduced through Private Care Dorchester are known to be on time every time.  


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