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Private Care Dorchester: On Time, Every time, One Hour at a Time

How we started 

Our founder, Julie Hiener, knew there was nothing she wanted more than to help and give attention to those who needed it the most. So, after eleven years of offering private home care, she moved to Dorchester and continued providing her high-quality care to the community. However, unprecedented circumstances such as the global pandemic put an unexpected strain on Julie. 

She knew she wanted to keep offering her home care services but doing so on her own was increasingly difficult. So, Julie Hiener expanded her team to seven other carers so she could continue offering the home care and support that was so desperately needed during 2020. Eventually, Julie’s small team lead to the creation of Private Care Dorchester, an Agency for the Introduction of private, self employed Carers in Dorchester and surrounds. Self Employed Private carers who help those in need of care find their ideal carer.

Our Motto 

Here at Private Care Dorchester, we stick to Julie’s values and motto: Professionally perfect care, on time, every time, one hour at a time. As an introductory Agency, we put people first so we can introduce high-quality carers that ensures each of our clients feels fulfilled. We always strive for excellence every day. 

We feel that every Client who registers on our platform is equally deserving of the most attentive care. That’s why we provide fully vetted, self-employed carers who will support you with domiciliary care, dementia care, respite care, and other types of expert care services in Dorchester. 

Our Introductory Agency 

As an introductory home care agency, we form a platform for private homecare providers and private carers to find clients easily, and vice versa. We offer private carers the choice to display their home care services so that potential clients can receive their professional care in their own home. 

We understand the importance of living as independently as possible and know that most people wish to receive care services in the comfort of their own homes. Carrs introduced through Private Dorchester can give you just the right support you need, whether it is live-in care, specialist care, any other home care services. 

 We introduce high-quality private carers who will give you their aid and attention, making sure your wishes are always respected, so you feel secure and at ease. 

Our vetting process is robust and not every Carer who applies makes it through our vetting process.

What we offer 

Domiciliary care 

As a private care introducer, we’ll put you in touch with carers who will help you manage independent living in your own home. PCD carers are self-employed care providers who can support you at home. 

We provide a wide range of care and support options that can be adapted to meet your individual needs, such as personal assistance with travelling and other day-to-day tasks. Private carers support people with these daily activities to help them stay as independent as possible.

Specialist care 

We can introduce you to self employed private carers who will provide you with specialist care, including Alzheimer’s and dementia care. Your  high-quality Carer will ensure that you and your loved ones feel safe and comfortable, and you can find carers who are suited to your particular needs.

Our private homecarers adapt their services to each client’s requirements so they can receive the best possible service. 

Elderly care 

Introduced self employed homecarers through Private Care Dorchester are experts in providing specialist elderly care for those who require additional assistance and support with activities of daily living, such as eating, washing, dressing, and personal hygiene. If your loved one is experiencing difficulty walking or finding it’s too much trouble to complete daily tasks, your Private Carer will be there for your meds.   

With a private homecare service from a Private Care Dorchester introduced Carer, you can be sure that your loved ones will receive the best possible support in their own homes, no matter what their needs may be.

Live-in care and Live-in support 

We also introduce live in carers, so private carers can support you when it matters most. Carers recognise that for many, their home is the only place they feel truly comfortable, which is why we introduce dedicated live-in carers to ensure you are always safe, secure, and comfortable.

A private live-in carer is always extremely supportive and can assist you round the clock with home care services that you might require. Choose from a range of private live-in carers on the Private Care Dorchester platform who can give you just the assistance you need in your own homes. 

Dementia care 

We understand that those who suffer from dementia require specialist dementia care, along with other elderly care services and attention. That’s why we offer a range of Carer options, such as professional support and live-in care for people with dementia and their families. 

When you feel at your worst or need extra help, Introduced private Carers will aim to boost your wellbeing with specialist care so you can continue with your daily life in your own homes. Dementia Carer services and elderly care Carers are available will always be matched to your needs, and you can rest assured that a friendly team of Private Self Employed Carers is available for cover if the event arises. 

Respite care

Introduced Private Carers care services include respite care, which is designed to give you and your family a break from day-to-day caring. Whether it’s for a few hours or a few days, our respite care services can ensure the comfort and wellbeing of those who need it most, giving you peace of mind knowing that your loved ones are in safe hands. Your private Carer will look after them, so their needs are fully catered-for.

Private carers  aim to provide all their clients with the best possible service so they can live as independently as their circumstances allow. Your Carer will offer support both with personal care and practical tasks, so you can remain safe and comfortable in your own home.

Why choose Private Care Dorchester?

Person-centred care 

Here at Private Care Dorchester, we live and breathe person-centred individual care. We were founded by Julie Hiener, someone who is dedicated to enabling people to live independently within their circumstances and helping them meet all their home care needs with compassion, professionalism, and kindness and we seek to find this quality in Carers who join this introductory platform

Peace of mind

We know how difficult it can be when a loved one needs any type of home care, be it elderly care, dementia care or live-in care. Times like these can cause you to ask questions surrounding residential care services, visiting your council’s local office, expenses, and private carers. As an introductory Agency, we want to put your mind at ease. 

At Private Care Dorchester, we’ll help you find a range of private home care providers that offer just the service you need. 

Tailored home care providers 

We pride ourselves on the quality Self Employed private Cares we have introduced  aim to offer all our clients with access to home care that is tailored to them through their introduced Carer. Our self-employed live-in carers are ready to support you around the clock, no matter what your needs are. As an Introductory private home care agency, we are dedicated to understanding your individual requirements and introducing you to a carer of the highest standard. 

No matter if you require round-the-clock care or need additional support with tasks such as shopping, housekeeping, medication reminders, preparing light meals, preparing baths, cooking simple meals, driving to appointments, or just someone to talk to for a few hours at a time, we are certain that we can introduce you to one of our great Private, Self Employed Carers to accommodate your requirements in your own homes.

Our friendly team 

We are always on hand with advice and information about elderly care, dementia care, and other live-in support services we may be able to introduce you to in  Dorchester. We’ll do everything we can, so you feel understood and confident that you have made the right decision about how best to manage your home care situation with your own private Carer. 

Private Care Dorchester’s introduced Carer are dedicated, self-employed and are professional and kind-hearted.  Many have years of experience working in the elderly care sector; you can trust them to provide supportive help whenever it is needed. Self Employed Private Carers are trained an flexible too, which means these self-employed carers can adjust their hours according to your requirements. 

If you have any questions about our private homecare Introductory agency or any other home care services, we’d love to hear from you at

Julie Hiener, Our Founder