Are you an amazing Carer on a low wage?

A carer is a person who provides support and care to someone who has a disability, illness.  Similarly, somebody with age-related needs.  Indeed, the role played by Carers is crucial in supporting individuals who may not be able to care for themselves.

Additionally, Carers undertake a range of responsibilities such as:

helping with personal care,

assisting with household chores,

administering medication,

and providing emotional support.

Similarly, as a Carer you may also attend medical appointments, liaise with social services, and advocate on behalf of the person they care for.

Rewarding Career

Besides, being a carer can be incredibly rewarding.  But it can also be demanding and stressful.  I need to stress the rewarding part here.  Because the rewards of looking after somebody who cant are immense and far outweigh the demands.  Moreover, Carers often put their Clients needs before their own.

It can be agreed that Carers play an invaluable role in society.  Correspondingly, they  contribute significantly to the wellbeing of people in our community.  It is essential that we recognise and support the vital work that they do.

And this is where Private Care Dorchester comes in.

Our Carers are all self employed which means they run their own small business whilst providing Care to individuals in the community.  They choose their own rate of pay and they work their own hours.  Each carries their own overheads (PPE, mileage, training, insurance) and each does their own taxes each year.

Furthermore, on top of running their own business, they are professionals in caring for others.  Each Carer has empathy and compassion.  Then they often put themselves in the shoes of their client to get a better understanding of problems encountered in daily life.  Carers have been trained to do their jobs and they have mandatory update training each year.

Carers on the Private Care Dorchester platform receive free:

  • insurance whilst on duty at a client through Private Care Dorchester
  • Free online training

In conclusion, Is it time to make the move to an Introductory Agency who takes the stress out of finding clients for you?

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